Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Laughs At Recall Crisis

To say that things did not go down smoothly for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would be an understatement but if you think that this would bring Samsung down, you would be mistaken.

Having to recall all the Note 7 that they have sold in the first few days after the first release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is so small crisis. It has been estimated that the whole exploding battery problem could cost Samsung up to $1billion but that has not stop Samsung from claiming the top spot in the list of top 100 Korean brands.

According to Brand Stock, Samsung Galaxy still managed to score an impressive 912.1 points beating brands like E-Mart, KakaoTalk and more.

Soon after reports of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding started surfacing, Samsung has taken prompt action to recall and replace their Note 7. All sales also halted while Samsung was looking into the matter. Samsung has now relaunch the Note 7.

Steven Estevez

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