Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Everything You Need To Know

Most of the details about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have been leaked a long time ago but now that Samsung has officially released the device, we get to see what the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is really about.

We have already heard about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 coming in with an Iris scanner and Samsung has now confirmed that. The fingerprint sensor will still be there since users will need to for the Samsung Pay.

Instead of 6GB RAM, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be coming with only 4GB RAM. Not as much as we thought it will be but still more than enough. Like the previous year, this new model will not come with a removable battery as well.

Those looking to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 instead of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge should also know that the edgeless version will be fitted with a slightly smaller battery pack.

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