Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Can’t Avoid All Rivals, LG’s Waiting

We know that Samsung decided to announce their new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 earlier this year so that they can get a head start over the Apple iPhone 7. While they might have avoided Apple, they can’t run from all their rivals.

We were hoping that LG would come out with an LG V10 successor this year. The phablet was a huge success and we can’t wait to see what LG has to offer this year. A new report is now saying that LG will be offering a successor and that the successor might come in just in time to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Believe to be called the LG V20 or LG V11, it is said that the new device will be released early September this year. We know that Samsung will be announcing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on the 2nd of August but we do not know when it will be release.

It was also reported that the new phablet cold be coming with a modular setup design just like the LG G5 as well. We don’t if that would work since it did not really work out for the LG G5 so let’s wait and see.

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