Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Apple Will Look Dull

Here is the thing now. We all know that Apple is trying to save most of their upgrades for the Apple iPhone 8 which means the upcoming model will only be getting a minor update. Which Samsung deciding to reveal their Note 7 a month earlier than Apple and with all the upgrades it will be offering, the Apple iPhone 7 is going to look really dull when it is release.

We have already seen a few leak images of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 so we know that the device will look almost identical to the Samsung Galaxy S7. Besides getting an exterior design upgrade, it is also believed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will come with a few other new features like the Iris Scanner as well as the YSB-C upgrade.

The latest report also suggested that the S Pen will also be upgraded as well. It was previously speculated that we could be getting the Note 7 with 6GB RAM but the latest benchmark test seems to suggest that it will only come with 4GB RAM.

Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 outshine the upcoming Apple iPhone 7?

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