Samsung Galaxy Note 5 To Blindside iPhone 6S With Early Release

There is talk going around that Samsung may be about to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 so that it will go up against the iPhone 6S, which Apple are said to be launching sometime this year.

The Note series of handsets has been very popular and many owners of the Note 3 are waiting to see what the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will offer them. One thing that the device will have to have is support for SD card. The Note 3 supports additional storage and for the majority of owners this is going to be make or break. Apple are known not to offer additional storage support for their iPhones, but is it something that they may reconsider for the iPhone 6S?

Previously the Note series has been revealed in September but this means that Samsung have been missing out on the return to college for students, which happens in late August. Maybe this time around the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be released early enough for students to take advantage. If not they could decide to go with the competitor from Apple, the iPhone 6S, if its launched in time.

But which handset will you go for, will it be the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or the Apple iPhone 6S?

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