Samsung Galaxy Note: 5 Best Cases To Hide Its Size

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is coming our way soon and if you want to keep the new handset nice and shiny you may be looking for a case for the device. So here are the 5 best cases to help hide the huge size of the phablet.

Holster cases are popular and there is no doubt that the DILEX Holster, SURFACE Holster or the Seidio Spring Clip Holster are among the best for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

If you prefer a skin case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 you might want to consider the Cruzerlite AndroidField Clone Army case, the A2 TPU or the Bugroid Circuit case. All of these are designed in TPU and offer a good grip on the handset.

A hard case is best if you want to fully protect the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and some of the best cases are the Seidio Surface case, the Mobi Hard Shell, the Incipio Feather SHINE, Cruzerlite DNA and the Case-Mate Carbon.

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