Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Problems Explored

The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a great smartphone indefinitely. However, the phablet too has its own set of flaws. Today, we are going to explore on some of the major issues with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The first is the gap between the screen and the device’s mainframe. Many called it the Gapgate and while it does not affect anything, there are some parts rattling due to the vibrations caused by it. The only known solution to this is to replace the casing whenever it is due.

The second problem is with WiFi connections. Apparently, many users are complaining that the Note 4 finds it hard to connect to a WiFi and also couldn’t maintain a connection with a router. If you faced something similar, try turning off Power Saving as it could be the cause of being disconnected. Also, you can try restarting both the router and the Note 4 to attempt on a new connection.

The third issue is a short lag that occurs when opening the home page. While there is no real solution to this, you can try and reduce as much content on the home screen as possible. Try limiting it to store your shortcuts and vital information. A neat home screen will be easier to access.

Fourth is the problem with dead pixels. Although there is no known solution to this, you can try installing third party dead pixels apps to diagnose your phone before fixing it.

Finally is the fifth issue which sees the Note 4 from frequent random reboots. Normally, this often occurs when a microSD card is utilized. Try removing it and see if the problem persists. If it does, backup your data and perform a factory reset.