Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Knocks Note 5’s Durability?

Samsung has recently launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, together with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus that which include extraordinary wireless charging, making them among the top brands in the market. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is also ergonomic and more improved in term of other features as compared to the previous model.

However, it seems that the battery life for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is not as good as the Note 4. Since Samsung decides not to have microSD slot and removable battery, resulting in the battery life to be lower than the previous model.

As a comparison, the Samsung Note 5’s battery can last for a day and a half, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can last for 2 days. If that is true, what is happening here Samsung? This will surely give those who are planning to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 a second thought whether to proceed with buying the phone or not.

To some, maybe it is just a small matter that can be solved by using other device like the powerbank. But, to be really honest, isn’t Samsung supposed to come out with a better smartphone, and not otherwise?

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