Samsung Galaxy Flip Phone Design & Name Leaked

Rumors about Samsung working on a new flip phone has been going on for some time now but it is the first time that we actually got to see how the device will look like.

The flip phone, which was codenamed Veyron has been revealed to be called the Samsung Galaxy Folder 2. The image was leaked on Weibo. According to the post, the device will come with a 3.8inch display screen. It will be running on a Qualcomm processor with 2GB RAM and 8GB of storage. The device will be fitted with an eight MP rear camera and will be powered by a 2000mAh battery.

If these specs are true, the device could be a low range model. It was initially rumored to be a high-end model but it looks like that is not the case. It is said that the device might retail for only $250 and will only be released in China.

Check out the leak image here.

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