Rise of The Tomb Raider: Will The Fans Forgive & Forget?

The new Rise of the Tomb Raider was released on PC and Xbox One last year. After months of waiting, Playstation 4 players finally got the confirmation on when they will be getting their hands on the game. The question now is whether or not the fans are still interested in trying out the game?

The new game was a nice surprise for the franchise. After a few disappointing release, we finally get to see a Tomb Raider game that we are actually pretty happy about.

However, the fans were not too happy when Square Enix decided to give Xbox One time exclusive rights to the game. With Tomb Raider’s history with Playstation, they were not too happy that they had to wait that long for the game. With the game now coming to PS4, do you think fans will let go of their anger and try it out?

Square Enix has just released the new trailer for the Rise of the Tomb Raider and from what we can see, the PS4 version will not look any different from the Xbox One version in terms of brightness and graphics.

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