Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 Not Welcome With Open Arms

Well, what else can you expect when you make the fans wait for a year before giving them the game?

The Rise of the Tomb Raider was released on PC and Xbox One last year and because of Microsoft deal with the developers, they had the exclusive rights for the game for a full year.

While the time exclusive right probably benefitted Microsoft and their Xbox One console, it certainly ruined the game’s future on the Playstation 4. Sony Playstation 4 were not too happy that the game was released on Xbox One only with many saying that Tomb Raider had a long history with Playstation and that PS4 should not have been pushed aside.

Although the developer is now working to offer the game on the PS4 console, many fans are saying that they are not planning to spend money on a game that is already one year old. Other added that they no longer have any interest in the game and would rather spend their time and money on some other new 2016 game.

Of course, with Tomb Raider having such a huge fanbase, we still think the PS4 version will sell but it would have sold better if it was released alongside the Xbox One version or at least soon after not a year later.

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