Resident Evil, Walking Dead, Metal Gear Survive: Fans Getting Tired Of Them

With the release of the new Metal Gear Survive, it seems like most of the post-apocalyptic games that we have right now are related to zombies. Games like the Resident Evil series, Walking Dead as well as Dead Island are all fun games to play but can we have something that is not zombie related.

Of course, we have games like Metro where there are no zombies in the apocalyptic world. Games like Fallout and Metal Gear Solid has Feral ghouls and husks which are technically not zombies but it is clear that they are less scary and intense as zombies.

Other does not seem to mind having a little zombie here and there but they are hoping that more games would focus less on zombies. They don’t mind having them in the game but wish that the story does not revolve around them

We think that Alien would make a great alternative to zombies. There are smart enough and responsive enough to make the game challenging. What do you think?

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