Resident Evil 7 Turns Tables On Resident Evil 2 Remake

The Resident Evil 2 was one of the best games from the Resident Evil franchise and that is why so many people seem to be more interested in the remake of Resident Evil 2 compared to the upcoming new Resident Evil 7 game but that was before Capcom started releasing the demos and trailers.

After seeing the new Kitchen trailer, we are sure more fans are ready to push the Resident Evil 2 Remake aside and jump on the Resident Evil 7 hype train. Capcom has just released the new trailer for RE7 called Kitchen.

The demo arrives just in time as Sony has just released the new PSVR. The trailer will only be playable with the PSVR. However, unlike the last few demo, this new demo mostly non-interactive but at least you get to feel what it is like to be playing the game with the VR when it arrives next year.

The new Resident Evil 7 game will be released in January 2017 as a PSVR exclusive game for a year.

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