Resident Evil 7: So It’s The Whole Family?

It looks like we are only going to get more and more confuse as we get closer to the release of the new Resident Evil 7 game.

As if the first playable demo was not confusing enough, we now have a new trailer that seem to show a different side of the game. In the first playable demo, we were introduced to what be believe to be the father figure in the Baker’s family, Jack Baker and in the new trailer, we were introduced to Marguerite Baker.

She seems to be relentlessly pursuing the girl behind the camera. What role will this girl have in the game? We know that she is not the main character but how will she be tied in with the game?

We know that Capcom has been trying to use these footages to tell the story of the game but so far, it all just seems too confusing. However one thing is clear, this new Resident Evil 7 is going to be bone chilling. Check out the new trailer below.

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