Resident Evil 7: Running Around For Nothing

Ever since the Resident Evil 7 demo was released, players have been replying the demo in hopes that they would actually find the use for the mysterious dummy finger that you pick up at the beginning of the game.

Try as they might, nobody seems to be able to find out what the dummy finger is for. Some fans were hoping that the finger would eventually lead us to a different ending where the protagonist of the demo does not get attack by the “dad”.

Well, it looks like Capcom is done messing with us. They new twitter post seems to suggest that the there is really no real use for the finger right now although they seem to be teasing that there might be a use for it in the future.

Or maybe it was just there as a joke and people took it so seriously that Capcom is now scrambling to create something that will work with the finger. No matter what the case is, the post does seem to suggest that we might actually be getting a few more demo before the game is released.

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