Resident Evil 7 May Leave Players Unsatisfied

There is still a lot we do not know about the upcoming Resident Evil 7 game but thanks to Hobbyconsolas, a Spanish Magazine, we now have a little more detail about the upcoming RE7 game.

According to the Magazine, the new Resident Evil 7 game should last about 14 to 16 hours which is about right for games like this but some fans has pointed out that the last few games like Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 6 actually lasted much longer than 16 hours and that the 16 hours gameplay time is a little disappointing.

While it might be a little shorter this time, we would rather have a shorter game than endure another Resident Evil 6 game.

The magazine also added that the last name of Mia and Ethan is Winters and that the cassettes in the game will be where you can manually save the game on Normal difficulty.

The new Resident Evil 7 game will be release in January next year. Protection Status