Resident Evil 7 Makes Players Scream In Fear, Not Anger

Well, it looks like you might want to get ready to die and die again in the new Resident Evil 7 game as Capcom reveals their new save system for the game.

In the past, the way the game save is when you are finished with the chapter but with the new Resident Evil 7, the game will auto-save throughout the game which means you won’t have to replay much of the game if you end up dying. While it is nice to know that, some fans also took this as an indication that we will be dying a whole lot in the game and that the developers changed the way the game save so that the players won’t get too frustrated from replaying the game too many times. They are added that there will be manual save points as well.

The new Resident Evil 7 game will be released on the 24th of January and will be released on PC, Xbox One as well as PS4.

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