Resident Evil 7: Is It Scary? Yes!

For years already, fans of the Resident Evil series have been begging Capcom to restore the horror in the Resident Evil series but their cries fell to deaf ears.

Well, this won’t be the case any longer as Resident Evil 7 is going to come out to be both horrifying and gory like how it was back in the first Resident Evil trilogy.

This was unofficially confirmed by a leak screenshot of the game in production which shows that Resident Evil 7 will be returning to Racoon City.

Racoon City is the location setting for Resident Evil 1-3 and back then, everything revolves around horror. As such, it is safe to assume that Resident Evil 7 is going to offer horror thrills.

If so, then fans can start forgetting about the pain of playing Resident Evil 4-6 which was made to be a fast-paced third person action shooter. Protection Status