Resident Evil 7 Got The Camera Angles All Wrong?

The Resident Evil 7 have been getting a lot of positive feedbacks from their demo and trailers. While it might look like everybody is on board with the new Resident Evil 7, some fans have come out to say that they are not looking forward to the new Resident Evil 7 game.

One of the biggest reason why some of the fans were not sucked in by the Resident Evil 7 was because of the first person camera feature. While some games have managed to make that work for them, the fans think that that is not what the Resident Evil games in all about.

While most people agree that the new RE7 game looks scary and intense, fans think that Capcom is trying to give the horror games fans the P.T that they never got and that the game is no longer true to the Resident Evil franchise.

Do you agree with some of these fans?

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