Resident Evil 2 Remake Mystery To Be Solved Soon?

Since the upcoming Resident Evil 2 is a remake, we already have a rough idea of what the game is going to be about but since the developers said that they will be building the game from the ground up, fans just can’t wait to see what the remake version will end up looking like.

The Resident Evil 2 Remake will not be arriving so soon but we might get a taste of it next January when the demo or beta version of the game comes with the new Resident Evil 7. Capcom has not announced anything yet but fans believe that the new Resident Evil 7 game will come with a demo version of the Resident Evil 2 Remake based on the black screen in the RE7 Demo.

Before the demo started, there was a black screen that seems to be pointing to the Resident Evil 2. Some people think that Capcom was trying to hint that there is a connection between the RE7 and RE2 Remake and many of the fans believe that it will be the demo version.

The new Resident Evil 7 for PSVR will be release in January next year.

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