Resident Evil 2 Remake: Feeling Really Optimistic

After what they did to the last few Resident Evil game, we are not surprised that the fans did not have confidence that Capcom was going to do a good job with the remake version of Resident Evil 2.

We know that the game is consider one of the best in the series so it is important that Capcom get’s it just right and not messed it up. The one thing that the fans are hoping they would see in the remake version is the horror atmosphere.

Before the announcement and release of the Resident Evil 7 trailer and demo, the fans seems to think that Capcom is no longer capable of creating anything scary but Capcom proved the fans wrong with the new Resident Evil 7 demo.

The new game looks very promising and if Capcom uses the same recipe to remake the Resident Evil 2, the game should be one to look out for.

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