Renault Sport Concept Teases More Muscular Clio RS

We do not know what Renault has planned for the new Renault Sports Concept but looking at what Renault will have to offer on the concept we can help but wish that it will be more than just a concept.

The Renault Sports Concept will be coming in with a design that is similar to what we got on the Clio RS but the concept will also be getting a few exterior upgrades including the side skirt, rear wing, wheel arches and front wing.

It has been reported by The Automobilist that the concept will be running on a 250hp engine which means this concept will be offering 30hp more than the Clio RS model. It is estimated that all that power, the concept will only need 6 seconds to go from 0-62mph.

The concept will be shown off at the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix which will be happening this week.

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