Renault Clio RS 16: Pricey Will Be An Understatement

Renault was at the Monaco Grand Prix earlier this year when they showed off the new Renault Clio RS 16 Concept. Well, if you liked what you’ve seen, the good new now is that Renault is thinking about making it into a production model. The bad news is that even if the concept gets a green light, most of us will probably can’t afford to get one.

Caradisiac reported that the Renault might be looking to send the Renault Clio RS 16 Concept into production. If it does, Renault will most likely be building about 500 units of these powerful Clio models.

Turning it into a production model is not as simple as fitting in better parts. Renaut will probably have to spend millions to make it possible and that will automatically affect the price of the vehicle.

It has been estimated could cost about 40,000 euros if it gets the thumbs up.

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