Red Dead Redemption 2: Another Game Picking Sides

While we can see why companies like Sony and Microsoft like the whole exclusive right to game thing, it also can get a little annoying. All we ever wanted was to play the game when it is ready and not feel that somebody got the longer end of the stick.

It has just been announcing that Sony PS4 player will be able to earn some special online content when the Red Dead Redemption 2 arrive. We do not know how big or important this online content is going to be but the fact is that the Xbox One players will be left out this time.

Some people are saying that it is just the online mode so it does not matter but then again, these fans are probably going to pay the same price for the game so why do they deserve less?

On the bright side, the Red Dead Redemption game will be available on PlayStation Now.

Steven Estevez

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