Ram 1500 To Evolve Into An SUV, But Wait…

New reports are now suggesting that FCA might be thinking about building a new SUV based on the Ram 1500 model and it looks like they are not going to stop there.

According to USA Today, not only are they thinking about building an SUV might they might also be working on a smaller pickup truck based on the new SUV. We know that Ram is still missing a small size truck to compete with models like the Toyota Tacoma so it does make sense that they would want to go down that path now.

Fiat Chrysler’s Mike Manley said that the platform seen under the Ram 1500 now could be used to build a body on frame SUV. If that does happen, we might be seeing it in 2018 after the next-gen Ram truck arrives.

To make sure they are able to keep up in terms of production, FCA will also be moving their production facility to Sterling Heights.

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