PS4 vs Xbox One: Tips Before Purchase

About a year ago, both Sony and Microsoft commenced a new age of console gaming after they released the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One respectively. Throughout the year, both consoles have experienced a lot of ups and downs. This brings us to the question on which console should gamers get today?

For starters, the Xbox One is cheaper to own than the PS4. The former is retailing at £310 while the latter comes with a standard price of £329. This wasn’t the case last year when the Xbox One retails at £349 last year. However, back then, Microsoft included the Kinect in the deal.

Today, prices have gone down even more with the Christmas promotion going around. The Xbox One, in particular can be obtained from £310, together with two free games bundled together with the console. The PS4, on the other hand maintains its standard price while also coming with a game bundled together with the console.

Then there are the games that come with the PS4 and Xbox One. The former might be technically great but apparently, it is the Xbox One that offers more appealing indie video games for players to try. The biggest example is Titanfall. The Xbox-exclusive title was so great that even Sony players are envious of it.

With that being said, there is no doubt that the Xbox One has got more to offer. This is despite of the fact that it is technically inferior to the PS4. So if you are the sort of gamer that is more particular on specifications, the PS4 is no doubt the best platform around. Otherwise, the Xbox One offers more value.


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