PS4 User Guide: How To Buy US Digital PSN Games

Do you play games on the PS4 and do you know that US PSN PS4 games are a lot cheaper than games in the UK thanks to the exchange rate? If so you may be interested in finding out how you can buy US digital PSN games and save money.

To be able to purchase US digital PSN games you have to have a US PSN account, and amazon account in the US and a shipping address in the US. So how do you get these if you don’t live in the USA?

To make a US PSN account you will have to select new user. You then create a new user and this takes you through the usual agreement and you can then choose next. You will come to the log-in screen and choose New to PSN Create An Account. You can find this at the bottom of the display. You then choose Sign up for PSN and Sign Up Now. You will have to choose United States as the country and put in your date of birth. Then put in the postal code, along with the city and state. For instance you could put in Beverley Hills 90210. You then have to put in your email address and chosen password. Of course you cannot use the UK email address you registered with, so make a new one. When you have done all this you will then have the US PSN account.

You then need a US shipping address and there are many sites offering services but you can use Borderlinx. Sign up and they send an activation link and you can then access your account with a US address that is listed under My Suite Addresses.

Next you can go to the US version of Amazon and make an account. Go to the Amazon PSN store and choose the game that you want. At the checkout you put in the fake US address from Borderlinx as the address for shipping. Don’t use the address associated with the UK credit or debit card when buying the game. You can use the US address as the billing address and this should work with the UK card. You will then get a code and you can redeem this via the PS4 and download the game.

To redeem the US PSN code you enter the PlayStation store on the PS4 while being logged into the US account and go to the bottom and choose Redeem Codes. You will then own the game. Bear in mind that if you want DLC in the future for the game you are going to have to get it for the US copy as UK DLC doesn’t work.

If you want to be able to play the games you bought on the US PSN account on your UK account you can. If you haven’t set your US account as the primary one, content that is downloaded from the US version is going to be locked on the UK account. To get round this you should log into the US version of the account and in settings choose PSN and Activate As Your Primary PS4 and then Activate. When you switch back to the UK version of your account the content that you bought from the US will be unlocked

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