Prince Of Persia: What’s The Deal?

We all though that Ubisoft might actually announce a new Prince of Persia game this year but instead of getting a new game, all we got was the old game. Before E3, there were reports sugesting hat we will be hearing about a new Prince of Persia game at E3 2016.

Well, Ubisoft id make a Prince of Persia annoucement but it had nothing to do with a new game. To celebrate their 30th anniversary, Sony announce that they will be offering one free gamee every month for a year and the first game to be offered for free on PC was the Prince of Persia: Sand of Time. That was the only news we had for Prince of Perisa.

The game Splinter Cell was offered the next month and for August, Ubisoft will be offering Rayman Origin.

At this point, npbody really knows if Ubisoft has any plans to release a new Prince of Persia game but we sure hope they do.

Steven Estevez

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