Prince of Persia: Was The Tease A Hoax

Earlier this year, a Reflection employee tweeted an image showing us all the past Prince of Persia game. At the end of it all was a question mark. At that time, most people believe that he was trying to tease a new Prince of Persia game.

The whole account was later taken down and fans waited eagerly for news about a new Prince of Persia game. However, no new game was announced or hinted after that. The only time we heard of Prince of Persia was when Ubisoft was offering it for free to celebrate their anniversary.

At this point, we are starting to feel like we might have been taken for a ride and that there is no new Prince of Persia game.

Before this all started, there were rumors saying that Ubisoft might be thinking about bringing back the Prince of Persia game but it will be a 2D game just like the new Rayman. What do you think? Is there going to be a new Prince of Persia game?

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