Prince Of Persia: Ubisoft Treat Just The Start

There were talks about Ubisoft announcing a new Ubisoft game at E3 this year and while Ubisoft did make a Prince of Persia announcement, it had nothing to do with a new game.

Instead of offering us a new Prince of Persia game, Ubisoft announces that they would be celebrating their 30th anniversary by offering a free Ubisoft game every month for the whole and the first game that will be offered for free is the Prince of Persia: Sand of Time.

Ubisoft has not revealed the free game for July yet so we will have to wait and see what game they end up offering this month.

As for Prince of Persia, we do not know if Ubisoft has any plans to start working on a new game. There were a lot of speculation about Ubisoft working on one but with so little news out there, things are not looking that promising right now.

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