Prince Of Persia To Follow Rayman?

It was nice to see Ubisoft bring back some of their iconic games like Rayman and some people believe that Ubisoft might be working to bring back more of their iconic game.

Of all the Ubisoft franchise, the Prince of Persia is easily one of the most memorable game by Ubisoft. Even though there have not been a Prince of Persia game for a long time, the game still has a huge following and people are still hoping that Ubisoft will build a new game.

Earlier this year, a Reflection staff hinted that there might be more Prince of Persia in the near future on his Twitter account. The account was later taken down and that has led a lot of people into believing that Ubisoft might be working on something.

There have been no Prine of Persia news since the Twitter teased by some people are claiming that the next Prince of Persia game might be a 2D game just like Rayman.

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