Prince of Persia: That Is All We Are Going To Get

Well, it looks like that might be the end of the Price of Persia hype. It was initially thought that since Ubisoft have decided not to announce an Assasin’s Creed game this year, they might announce a new Prince of Persia game. Fans have been hoping that Ubisoft would pick the game back up and that they would announce it at E3.

While Prince of Persia was mentioned at E3 this year, it was not because Ubisoft had a new Prince of Persia game to offer. Instead, Ubisoft announces their 30th Anniversary special where they will be releasing a game for free every month for a year. The first game to be offered to PC players was Prince of Persia: Sand of Time.

A month later, the game was taken down and was replaced by Splinter Cell. Since then, there has been no news as to whether we will be seeing more of the iconic franchise.