Prince of Persia Teaser Turned Out To Be A Dud

We actually did think that there might be some Prince of Persia news this year after the exciting tweet but it looks like we got our hopes up for nothing.

A Reflection employee posted an image on his Twitter. The image had all the past Prince of Persia games in it and on the right of the image was a blank space with a huge question mark. Fans thought that the image suggests that Ubisoft might have something to fill up the question mark soon but we have not heard of any announcement so far.

As of now, nobody really knows what Ubisoft has planned for the Prince of Persia but there were rumors saying that Ubisoft might be working on a new Prince of Persia 2D game just like the new Rayman.

Do you think we will see more Prince of Persia in the near future?

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