Prince Of Persia: Nothing Behind The Hype

It was an exciting time for the Prince of Persia fans when an image that hints that there might be more Prince of Persia game was released on Twitter. The person who uploaded the image was a Reflection staff and many believe that he might actually be teasing a new game.

The whole account was later taken down which proves how serious Ubisoft was about covering it all up. That has lead to many people believe that there might really be something going on.

It was initially believed that we would hear about this new Prince of Persia game but all we got was the announcement that Prince of Persia: The Sand fo Time was going to be offered for free as a special celebration for Ubisoft’s 30th anniversary.

Since then, there have been no news about Prince of Persia and fans are left wondering if the teaser was real or not. We would be extremely disappointed if all of that led to nothing at the end of the day.

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