Pricetag Of The 2016 Honda Civic Type-R Explains It All

The pricetag for the latest Honda Civic Type-R is £42,950 and includes the complete sports package. So basically, if you’re willing to pay the large amount of money then you’ll see the Civic Type-R equipped with top of the range body-kit and accessories.

Seeing as buyers will also receive a free day track pass with the Honda Civic Type-R this doesn’t sound too bad. Also, the sports hatch already holds the record for being the quickest FWD vehicle to have ever raced on Nurburgring.

The price is obviously not a big deal for the Cicic Type-R. The only issue that the vehicle has is that there could have been some improvements to the design like its concept. Car enthusiasts will now have to be satisfed with Honda’s rather bland-looking sports hatch.

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