Porsche To Jump On The Crossover Coupe Train With Cayenne?

Porsche has never indicated that they are looking to release a convertible coupe model but with their rivals all going down that path, we might end up seeing one from Porche in the future. Do you think we will be seeing a Porsche Cayenne Coupe model in the future?

We do not know what Porsche has planned but artist Remco Meulendijk from RM CarDesign think that this is how the Porsche Cayenne will look like if it was made into a crossover coupe model.

The Cayenne was given a sloping roofline just like the other crossover coupe models in the market right now. If it does get the green light, we should see it comes with V6 and V8 engine options along with diesel and hybrids as well.

Do you think Porsche should join BMW, Mercedes and possibly Audi and come out with a new Cayenne Coupe?

Steven Estevez

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