Porsche Panamera Not As Premium As You Think

With luxury and premium cars, one of the reasons why people are willing to pay so much for them is because they believe that the automakers will give them what they are paying for but in the case of Porsche, you are not going to get what you pay for.

According to Bloomberg, Porsche actually pockets up to $17,250 profit for each of the vehicles they sell. That means you Porsche Panamera might not be as luxurious or premium but Porsche made it look that way with their huge price tags.

However, their fans are not mad. According to the consumers, Porsche had to do that because of their low volume sales. That along with the quality of the vehicles makes them worth it.

The base Porsche Panamera currently retails for $100,950 while the top of the range Turbo model will retail for $174,940.

What do you think?

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