Porsche Mission E Should Be Careful Of Mercedes-AMG

Mercedes-AMG is looking to dive in head first into the whole electric movement as they announce they are looking to launch a new all-electric supercar that will be sold alongside the Formula 1-inspired hybrid vehicle.

It is believed that the new AMG Pure electric vehicle will be coming in to replace the SLS Electric Drive model. The SLS Electric Drive now comes with a 740hp engine and 738lb ft of torque and we can expect the successor to offer even more. If that is the case, Porsche Mission E might be getting a more formidable rival sooner rather than later.

As for when the vehicle will be arriving, Moers does not know when it will be ready but at least we now know that it is part of Mercedes-AMG’s future.

According to Tobias Moers, those are not the only project that Mercedes is working on right now so we can expect to see more electric models from Mercedes in the future.

Steven Estevez

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