Porsche Boxenne S Will Outsell The Macan!

Concept cars can actually be more exciting than driving the real cars itself. When scrolling through a web album of concept vehicles, some design appears to look like the real thing while most other designs are simply ridiculous to begin with.

Sadly to say, the Porsche sub-compact city car concept falls under the latter category. When viewing the concept, it looks so much like a rebadged Toyota ‘City’ with some inspirations from the highly successful Macan. The Concept is called the Porsche Boxenne S and was created by X-Tomi.

In detail, one can see the Macan front grille and head lamps featuring on a curvy body that bends outwards like the Toyoto Prius C. The Concept is a two-door hatchback and is believed to make it big in the city car segment.

Then again, Porsche will never downgrade its luxurious status to be a common name on the city roads. The Boxenne S is simply some made up wish, or a joke, by X-Tomi. If for some unknown reasons Porsche produces this, it will surely sell faster than the Macan.

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