Porsche 911 Could Lose Fun To Semi-Autonomous Tech

The Porsche 911 has always been about having fun behind the wheel so what will be the point of getting the Porsche 911 if it starts driving itself?

According to Porsche, they will be looking to fit the future Porshe models with semi-autonomous tech just so that they can keep up with what the other luxury models are offering right now. While we can see why Porsche feel like they need to make sure they are able to offer the same on their model, having a semi-autonomous tech fitted onto models like the Porsche 911 would defeat the real purpose of owning a Porsche.

According to Oliver Blume, future Porsches might come with new techs like traffic jam assist, automatic parking and more. We do not know when Porsche will start offering these new techs or which model that plan to give it to but we are hoping that they will leave the Porsche 911 alone for now.

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