Polaris Slingshot: New Teaser Video Spills More Beans

It is no secret that Polaris is currently developing a reverse trike called Slingshot. Today, the world can learn more about this unique vehicle after Polaris released a new teaser video of it.

The short clip also confirmed that the Slingshot will be powered by a 2.4 liter Ecotec engine that offers 180hp and 233Nm of torque. With so many ponies powering a reverse trike, the Slingshot will surely be an extraordinary vehicle.

On the downside of things, these are the only information we have. Polaris has yet to indicate on whether the sort of powertrain that the Slingshot will run on. However, the choice of a 2.4L Ecotec mill is more than enough to confirm that the vehicle will be driving on the FWD architecture.

As for the Slingshot’s design, we can’t really tell on how it will look like. The video layout prevents us from taking a good long look at the Slingshot’s design. On the other hand, we did catch a glimpse of the interior.

There we noticed a 6,500rpm instrument, which simply suggests that the Slingshot is a performance vehicle. Then again, these will all be confirmed once Polaris unveils the final product in months from now.

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