Pokemon Z: Here’s Another New Pokemon, With A Twist

Fans of Pokemon are waiting patiently to hear about Pokemon Z and it seems that there is a bit of a twist to the game.

We have heard reports about a blob figure being seen in the latest Pokemon XY movie as this seems to be a new Pokemon that is bright green and which has one eye bigger than the other. In the Hoopa & The Clash of Ages title sequence it was said that the blog can be seen in the letter O of the word Pokemon. So is there going to be a new Pokemon in Pokemon Z?

We are bound to hear something about the release of Pokemon Z very soon and we know that the release date could bring with it new introductions into the 3DS version of the game. Sequels to the game for each of the generations have brought with them some changes to the original formula. The Clash of Ages movie is going to arrive at some point this year.


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