Pokemon Sun & Moon Taking Things Too Far With Specific Evolution

When The Pokemon Company first introduces the specific evolution requirements, most of the fans felt that it was a nice addition to the game but they have been trying to make these evolutions harder and harder to achieve and the latest requirement for Salandit in Pokemon Sun and Moon is just ridiculous.

If you are trying to evolve your Salandit to become a Salazzle, the only way to do it is to catch a female Salandit. After training it to Level 33, the Salandit will evolve to become Salazzle. Sounds easy enough?

Yes, but the problem now is that the female Salandit are so rare and players are going crazy trying to find and catch one of them. However, some people also reported that they did come across a female Salandit without even trying.

Well, if you have not gotten one, just keep trying because Salazzle will definitely be worth it.

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