Pokemon Sun & Moon: Start Scanning Now

The first Pokemon Sun and Moon Global Mission was so hard to beat and the players ended up failing it but the second mission looks more promising.

To complete the mission, players will have to capture 1,000,000 Pokemon but the catch is that they will have to use the Island Scan to capture the Pokemon. If they manage to complete the mission, the Pokemon Sun & Moon players will 2017FC or 4034FC if the game is tied to a Global Link Account.

The event has already started and it will go on until the 9th if January so starts scanning and catching now. If you are wondering how to get the new Island Scan feature, you will need to scan QR codes for Pokemon to use the feature.

This mission looks more achievable, let’s hope we can do it this time. Players did manage to catch about 16.5million Pokemon in the last mission after all.

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