Pokemon Sun & Moon: Rattata Goes Dark, Still Not Catching One

The Pokemon Company might be trying to make people like Rattata more and while making it into a dark Pokemon might increase its usefulness, we still don’t think that we will be catching that Rattata.

Nintendo has just released a new video showing us some of the upgrades that the Pokemon Sun and Moon will be getting. One of the highlighted upgrades is Rattata. The Pokemon will be getting an Alolan form. The Alolan Rattata will turn into a Dark and Normal-type Pokemon with abilities like hustle and gluttony. Based on the description, it looks like there will also be an Alolan Raticate as well.

Players that purchase the game early will also be getting a bonus Munchlax which will come holding a special item called the Snorlium Z. If Munchlax evolves to Snorlax while holding the item, it will have the special Z-Move Pulverizing Pancake, a move exclusive to Snorlax.

Check out the video below.

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