Pokemon Sun & Moon: Players At Fault!

Well, if you have been one of the many Pokemon Sun and Moon players that have been complaining about the Pokecenter save glitch, you probably have cheated in the game and the developers are calling you out now.

Soon after the Pokemon Sun and Moon game was release, players started reporting that the game would bug out when you try to save in Pokecenters. PKHeX, the creator of the save editing program for the game came out to reveal that it is a known bug for his program.

According to the creator, it is the PKHeX’s Trainer Info editor that is causing the bug and that the glitch has already been fixed. That means these players have been using this program to cheat.

So it looks like there is nothing wrong with the save feature in the latest Pokemon game after all. Since the bug for the program has been fixed as well, those cheaters should also be able to save their game now.

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