Pokemon Sun & Moon: New Ultra Beasts Raise More Questions

The Pokemon Company have been feeding us with new details about the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon game every now and then but when it comes to the Ultra Beast, very little details has been released until now.

The CoroCoro Comic latest copy reveals some interesting new details about the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. They leaked a new Ultra Beasts but besides that, they also showed off a mysterious new black Pokemon.

No additional details were given but most people seems to believe that this mysterious black Pokemon might have something to do with the legendary Pokemon Solgaleo and Lunala.

The magazine also reveals the unique Z moves for the three starters Pokemon Decidueye, Primarina, and Incineroar.

The new Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released in the US on the 18th of November while fans in Europe will be getting it on the 23rd of November.

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