Pokemon Sun & Moon: New Pokemon Looks Like A Kid-Drawn Pikachu

We have already seen some of the new Pokemon that the new Pokemon Sun and Moon will be offering and now, The Pokemon Company is released new details about six more new Pokemon.

Among the six new Pokemon is Mimikyu. The ghost and fairy type Pokemon is categories as a Disguised Pokemon. It has the Ability to disguise itself to escape danger and it looks like its form of disguise is a cloth that looks like a Pikachu drawn by a kid. It says that its appearance will change once the enemy attacks it.

The other Pokemon that features includes Bewear, a Fighting, and Normal-type Pokemon in the shape of the bear, Mudsdale, a ground type Pokemon, Comfrey, a fairy type Pokemon, Bounsweet, a Grass type as well as Wimpod, a bug,and water type Pokemon.

Besides showing off some of the new Pokemon, they also reveal some of the new features that the new Pokemon Sun and Moon will have including live competition, online competitions as well as Hyper Training which will allow players to train their Pokemon pass Level 100.

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