Pokemon Sun & Moon: New Characters, Pokemon & Alolan Forms

The Pokemon Company have been easing us all into the new game but releasing videos about the new Pokemon that the new game will feature. The latest video introduced us to six new Pokemon along with 2 Alolan forms as well as two new characters.

The new Pokemon will include Silvally, a normal type Synthetic Pokemon that changes its type when a different drive is inserted into its head. Then there is Hakamo-o, the new Dragon and Fighting-type Pokemon and the evolution of Jangmo-o. They also showed off the evolution of Hakamo-o called Kommo-o.

The new grass type Pokemon, Steenee was also introduced in the video along with its evolve from Tsareena. Ribombee is the new bug-fairy type Pokemon. We also get to see two of the new trainers Olivia and Llima

Both Grimer and Muk’s Alolan form were also introduced in this new video. You can check out the full video below.

Steven Estevez

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