Pokemon Sun And Moon Blast Nintendo Off The Charts

Despite being around for years now, the Pokemon Games are still doing pretty well and the new Pokemon Sun & Moon is no exception as well. We knew that it was going to do well based on the pre-ordered numbers but Nintendo has now announced that the new Pokemon Sun and Moon are the fastest selling game that Nintendo has ever had in America.

According to Nintendo, they manage to sell an impressive 3.7 million units of the new Pokemon Sun and Moon, that is 85% more than what they sold when they release the Pokemon X and Y.

In fact, the new Pokemon Sun and Moon are not only dominating in the US but it is doing exceptionally well in Europe as well. While not as impressive as the US, Nintendo still manage to sell about 1.5 million units in the first week. They also manage to sell 1.9 million copies of the game in Japan in just three days.

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